Do I need an attendant?

No! No attendant is needed or provided. This booth is so simple that your guests will be able to take their own photos. It actually makes everyone feel more comfortable and you will get more genuine pictures.

Do I need a backdrop?

No! No background is needed. The booth can be set up anywhere with any type of background. 

Do I need props?

No! No props are needed. But we are not going to lie, they do boost the fun!  If you have a specific theme or props that you know that you want, just let us know and we can send those for an additional fee. 

How do I return the Boost Booth?

More than likely we have another rental lined up so we require that the booth be sent back within 24 hours of your event. We provided a prepaid return label and hope to make it as easy as possible to for you to return the booth to us.

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